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      Hui hong electronic Co., LTD, is a computer, mobile phone supplier in shenzhen, our main products include,Tablet PC,notebook computer accessories,desktop parts,  and other products supply, the company was established in Hong Kong in 2006, after several years of rapid development, grand electronic to become the largest computer phone parts suppliers, and company in mainland China in this year.


    At present, hui hong electronic Co., LTD. Has with the United States, Australia, Italy, Africa, Asia, Europe and other regions have and long-term trade. We have our own maintenance and technical personnel, the testing team and QC group, established at the beginning of, we always focus on quality control, ensure that all of the products are in normal circumstances, to work well.


    The company will continue to innovation, the pursuit of the development strategy of the update, with reasonable price, good quality and good after-sales service for the purpose. We hope that with more customers cooperation and common development and benefit. Believe that our efforts and service will make our customers not only the benefits.


    The potential buyer, welcome to contact us.

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